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Fast, Reliable And Flexible, On Time, Any Time

NOLVO is a leading - Electronic Components - Sourcing, Distributing and Spot Market Trading company with headquarter in Paris.Our partners and customers are major OEMs, CEMs, Distributors, Component manufacturers.

We trade on all continents, above all NOLVO has a very strong presence on Chinese market: we interact, import and export Know-How, Components and Final Goods from and to the rest part of the world. NOLVO is an approved vendor (A.V.L. member) of several multinational worldwide.

Our objective is to fulfill customers’ needs and provide you with the most prompt and helpful service in this industry. Mutual success is the key to the dedicated long term partnership that we provide to our customers, and here below are our main value-added service organizations.

● A worldwide distribute network for components and final goods
● A 24-hour global sourcing network for components, modules and PC peripherals
● A J.I.T. logistic network aiming at the same day delivery standard
● Our excess-stock inventory management solutions based on the value for early detection
● A proactive rather than reactive approach to the business
● Our specific electronic industrial market down-cycle strategy
● A comprehensive quality control system


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